• Original, bespoke products, made for you.



Welcome to The Cornish Laser Cutting Co.

We’re here to make your ideas come to life.

Based near Penzance, we artfully use laser cutting technology to create beautiful, original, bespoke products for you.  From eye-catching signage that will make your business stand out, to tactile, personalised items for a special event, we’ve got it covered.  We have a fine eye for detail and a creative spirit that knows no bounds.

Come forth and we will make your bespoke custom products with an edge!  A laser edge.

About Us

We cut and engrave logos, graphics, artwork, patterns, personal messages, you name it.  We can do this with a wide variety of materials… read more

Order Process

Please don’t fret if you are at the very beginning of your project!  We are here to guide you through from start to finish… ordering details

Our Ethos

Our family owned workshop runs on 100% renewable electricity.  This ensures that every product we make is kinder for our world… read more

The highest possible standards, with every item hand-finished.

The Cornish Laser Cutting Co. strive for perfection across all aspects of our craft.  This means that we won’t send a single product out without close scrutiny.  We hand-finish every item and carefully remove burn residues from lasered surfaces.  This is something we pride ourselves on and is difficult to find elsewhere.  We ensure you’ll receive the finest quality products and get what you pay for.

We’re only happy when you are.