Please enter as many details about your job as you can.  Try to help us understand what you have in mind, read the CHECKLIST & then hit Submit.  We’ll then give you a quote and a lead time.

All enquiries are welcome we are here to guide you through from start to finish.  Our minimum order value is £190 (this includes any design / setup cost).

Please note: We generally work with birch laser ply & other types of wood.  We also machine acrylic, leather & paper / card.  We can engrave metals, slate, soft stone & glass, but not cut them.

Prices are formulated on (where applicable):

  • Design & layout work (if required)
  • Material/s choice, quantity & preparation (eg. sanding / painting)
  • Specific colours / matching (colour charts available)
  • Samples / photos (if required)
  • Laser machining time
  • Finishing processes (eg. burn residue removal, sanding, product construction)
  • Packaging & delivery

Once your order is confirmed we’ll send out an invoice.  Your job is scheduled upon receipt of payment.  Completion times are entirely job specific, usually within 1-4 weeks (but we’ll always do our best to squeeze you in!).  A lot of our customers like to collect in person, but we also regularly deliver by post.

Last thing! CHECKLIST before clicking Submit – have you stated the following?

  • Material Type (laser ply / acrylic / timber / enamel mugs / supply your own)?
  • Dimensions (mm)
  • Quantity
  • Colours / Finish
  • Fixing holes or hanging info. (if applicable)
  • Your deadline!
  • Delivery or collection-in-person?
  • Attach your files!

Thanks for your time & we look forward to hearing from you! 

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